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Entering the Club in Covid times video


Sanitizing products that we will be using Safety Data Sheets

Vital Oxide



At the Kelowna Curling Club you are asked to:


  • If you have been out of the Country, please quarantine 14 days before curling again

  • If you have any Covid 19 symptoms or any members of your family does, please refrain from coming to the Kelowna Curling Club

  • The Kelowna Curling Club strongly encourages the use of masks for all curlers.

  • Wash or Sanitize your hands as soon as you enter the Kelowna Curling Club

  • Sign in with name and phone number as well as time in for contact tracing

  • Practice excellent hand hygiene by cleaning your hands often

  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose and eyes

  • Practice respiratory etiquette (sneezing/coughing into your elbow)

  • Maintain a physical distance of two metres in common areas such as elevators and walkways

  • Follow the arrows and floor markings to ensure you, the other members and staff stay at a safe distance.

  • Enter and exit only from the doors that are marked with you sheet of play.  There will be 4 doors and each door will be for 3 sheets only.  This will reduce exposure to fewer people.

  • Locker-rooms are not for changing, 3 people at a time may go and get their gear from their lockers and leave immediately

  • There will be hand sanitizer, a bottle of sanitizer spray and a roll of paper towel behind every sheet.  Please sanitize your own rocks prior to the start of every game.

  • Spray the paper towel and wipe the rock handle, please don’t spray the rocks

  • When not throwing or sweeping, please stand in the appropriately marked spot on the sheet.

  • When coming down the ice after a shot please follow the arrows and stay to the side.   Be aware OF THE SHEET BESIDE YOU.

  • Upper lounge will have assigned seating according to the sheet of ice you played on.  Evening leagues will have a host to seat you. 

  • We know how social curling is but please stay at your table except to use the washrooms or leave

  • When leaving the upper lounge please ONLY use the exits straight to the parking lot behind sheets one(1) or twelve(12)

  • Please report to the Club if you are being tested for Covid-19 and have been at the Club in the previous 14 days.