Kelowna Curling Club Convention and Trade Show Services

Floorplan for arena
Click here to view the floorplan for the lower level.

Upper Lounge Rates
$1,400.00 plus GST - Includes up to 200 guests.
$4. additional charge per guest after 200 guests.

Setup Fees
Monday to Friday
9am to 4pm - set up $800.00 per day

From Monday to Friday the upper lounge rental, $100.00 will be taken off for every $1,000 worth of food ordered (not including taxes and gratuities).  Upstairs lounge is available at no charge the day before for decorating, if done during business hours and there are no other bookings for that day.



Arena (lower level)

Monday to Thursday - $4,250 per day
Saturday - $5,950 per day
Friday and Sunday - $4,950 per day

Arena Weekend Package Special Rate: $14,100
Includes Show days Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Set-up Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm and Tear out Until 1:00pm Monday


Set-Up Day Rates

$975 per day (8:00 am to 4:00 pm) -  half lighting

$1,500 per day (unrestricted hours) -  half lighting

Taxes and entertainment tax are not included in pricing. (GST 5%)


Electrical hookup

There is a $300 a day surcharge for hooking up to the show power. This includes hooking to all 220 volt 3 phase services.  This must be done with by a ticketed electrician with a permit.


Arena heating or cooling
$900 per day with minimum charge of $2500. Must supply a minimum of 5 days prior notice to accommodate requests.Cleaning
Of facilities is done in the morning.  Any additional cleaning is extra, the arena (beyond glass) is not included in cleaning, but garbage will be emptied.  The building must be left as clean as it is when tenant enters for set up (including removal of floor markings).  Deposit will not be returned if the building is not clean at the end of the event.

A damage deposit of $2,500 for the arena and $500 for the upper lounge must be paid in advance.  The deposit will be refunded within 72 hours of the finish of the event, if no damage has been done.

Additional dumpster is available at a rate of $320 per load.

Tables and chairs are not included in arena rental.

Tenant must ensure that no oil, coolant, or gasoline is spilled on the arena floor.  If a spill occurs, the Kelowna Curling Club staff only, will clean it up at a minimum rate of $500.00

Deposit of  $2,500  required to book dates.   Full payment is required before doors are opened. 

Upper Lounge
Deposit of $500.

The deposits are refundable only if booking date is re-booked, or more then 180 days prior to booked dates.

Required for all events, with a minimum of $3,000,000 liability.  The insurance must be effective the first day of set-up and run until move out is complete.  Proof of insurance must be proven prior to entering the building.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Included by Kelowna Curling Club for the upper lounge booking $995 less $100 for every $1,000 of KCC food booked, includes tables chairs set-up and clean up there are 17 rounds and 25+ banquet tables available over 300 chairs, glasswear and ice.

Day of event (9:00am to 4:00pm) for decorating  or day before if the lounge is not not booked.

Kelowna Curling Club provides 5 hours of bar service (one bartender).  Additional Bartending is $18 per hour.

Podium and Microphone included. 10' screen, projector  available to rent.

Renters' Responsibility
Linens are renters responsibility.  The caterer will supply dishes. No staples or scotch tape on walls. Pins or masking tape only. Confetti or table sparkles will result in a $150 cleaning charge.

Book time for DJ to setup before event.  Everything you want to keep must be taken when event finishes or will go into garbage by maintenance staff.

Other Charges
Projector $40 day, screen $15 day, 

Wireless is now included in the cost of the rental