Kelowna Curling Club

Contact Information

551 Recreation Avenue
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 7V5

(250) 762-3112

(250) 762-0486


for all club business and inquiries.
[email protected]

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Board Members

Brendan Willis (President):
[email protected]

Jeff Richard (Vice President):
[email protected]

Peter Ellison (Treasurer):


Tara Thompson (Secretary):
[email protected]

 (Human Resources Director):
[email protected]

 (Volunteers Director):
[email protected]

 Jeff Richard  Brett Thompson

(Food and Beverages Director):

Mike Slattery (Building and Maintenance):
[email protected]

Monique May (Communications Director):                              
[email protected]

 Cal Jackson (Junior Program Director):                                          [email protected]

(Programs and Services Director):