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Jim Hare

Phone: 5148955536
Leagues: Wednesday or Thursday open although I would consider other options. I just want to curl.
Description: Hello! I have been curling for three years here in Kelowna however my team has disbanded and I am now looking for a new team and very much looking forward to meeting some new people. I will get along great with any age however prefer a group that is generally 45 plus. I have played all positions and am willing to play any position that would be required to fill on your team. I am pretty competitive but mainly just want to have fun.
Posted: September 2023

Peter H. Harasym

Phone: 250 300-3317
Leagues: Any and all leagues - am retired - playing hockey Monday morning and evening and on Friday mornings.
Description: Used to curl in Calgary within the medical league but have not curled recently. Looking to becoming an active curler again! Cheers, Peter
Posted: September 2023

Amy Blake

Phone: 250-878-5590
Leagues: Friday Open/Fun League (6pm)
Description: Newer to curling but I do have knowledge of the game. Kelowna local and looking to have some fun, meet new people, and to get to play a few times a week (already play in a Novice league) Lead or Second would probably be a best fit.
Posted: November 2023

Kelly Clemmensen

Phone: 778-840-4626
Leagues: Novice or mens
Description: Novice league I am will to play any position from lead to skip and try to help out younger curlers. Have skipped the past few years at my previous club. Looking as well at elevating my game by playing more competitive play in a men’s league playing on the front end.
Posted: November 2023


Phone: 6048197898
Leagues: Can play in Womens, mixed and open during the evenings.
Description: I’ve curled in Chilliwack and Abbotsford clubs for the past 5 years, lead, second. Occassionally third in recreational levels. I would consider myself an intermediate player with a competitive attitude but open to learning, improving and fun! I’ve not played in what would be designated as competitive leagues, Mostly novice and fun leagues - looking to get out for fun and meet new people as I’ve just moved to Kelowna. Happy to be called as a spare.
Posted: November 2023

Katherine Miller

Phone: 306-821-4004
Leagues: Ladies League or Open League (any evening league)
Description: Looking to get back on the ice. I moved to Kelowna 2 years ago and haven't been on the ice since moving but would really like to join a league and get back out there.
Posted: November 2023

Dean Johnson

Phone: 2508784756
Leagues: Any league
Description: I’ve curled for 15years. I’m a single 53 yr old and would say I have knowledge of the game and I’m between beginner and intermediate as I’ve been away from the game for a bit. I very fun and am looking to have fun but I also value competitiveness. I am available on fairly short notice.
Posted: October 2023

Brock Bellrichard

Phone: 778-869-1712
Leagues: Any league but Tuesdays
Description: I’ve recently moved to Kelowna from Vernon and looking for a new team! I’m 34 and have been curling for 6 years. I currently skip a team in Vernon on Tuesdays but I have played in every position. I’m looking for a team with some experience and I’m happy to play any position.
Posted: November 2023

Trever Sparrow

Phone: 780-385-5499
Leagues: Any League
Description: Relocated to Kelowna over a year ago and looking to play. I am a experienced curler and want to play as I miss the game. I've played all positions but I am most comfortable in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. I’m very much looking forward to the curling season and meeting new curlers. I would be able to play ether on a men’s or mixed team. Available late afternoons and evenings only.
Posted: September 2023

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