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Phone: 780-678-5665
Leagues: Mens, 50+
Description: Hi I'm David, 69years of age, just moved to Kelowna, Curled for 11years, Lead or second
Posted: May 2019

Bill Christensen

Phone: 2508993644
Leagues: Mens or Mixed Teams
Description: Hello other curlers. My name is Bill Christensen. I am looking to find a team that needs another player. I have several years curling experience in Canada and Norway. I am interested in having fun but enjoy the seriousness and am some what competitive.
Posted: September 2019

Stephanie Marcinkoski

Phone: 5879872274
Leagues: Tuesday ladies
Description: Looking to join a ladies team. 15+ years. Skipped for the last 10 years or more but would be happy to play any position.
Posted: September 2019

Darlene Tait

Phone: 2508013085
Leagues: Tuesday Ladies or Wednesday Novice or Friday Fun League or any really
Description: Down to earth gal looking to try my hands at curling. I've always wanted to play and decided this will be the year for me if anyone wants to take me under their wings and show me the ropes, I would be forever grateful! ... Very active love skiing, baseball any type of sports and I can be very competitive but just want to have fun a couple of nights a week.
Posted: September 2019

William Morrison

Phone: 2508600864
Leagues: monday senior super league
Description: loooking to join a team for this league
Posted: August 2019

Carrie and Rob

Phone: 250-681-1889
Leagues: Friday Novice fun league @8:30
Description: We are wishing to join another couple for friday mixed fun league. Rob is experienced and can skip the team, the other is a 2nd year curler and has developed good technique. We are in good physical shape and looking for some fun. We played last year and enjoyed the season.
Posted: August 2019


Phone: 7788351579
Leagues: Friday night novice league or Friday night fun league
Description: Looking to join a team for Friday night novice/fun league. I’ve played in the Wednesday night novice league before and played for years prior to that. Just looking to get out and socialize.
Posted: September 2019

Rose-Ann Lyons

Phone: (250) 575-5578
Leagues: Monday Super League @ 1:00 pm
Description: Hi! I am Rose-Ann Lyons and looking for a Curling Team that is in need for a “Third 3rd”. If you have a shortfall, on Monday afternoon on your Super League Team @ 1:00 p.m., I AM YOUR THIRD “(3rd)”. A little about me…………The last two years curling at the Kelowna Curling Club developed a “HuGe” passion in my “LiFe”. I love to deliver the “Rocks”! I love the “Ride”! I love the “Challenge”! Love the “Competition”. I was named ALL STaR THiRD (3rd) in Ottawa, February, 2019. I attended in Ottawa for the Canadian Curling Championships for the Blind, in February, 2019; after winning the West Coast Provincial Championships in January, 2019. Our “Team Canada” status that accompanied my Curling Team, to Ottawa, was lost to Nova Scotia, in the Semi-Finals; placing us 3rd. Despite no longer being “Team Canada”, I was thrilled to stand on the Podium, with my 1st ever Bronze Medal. It was truly an experience!! I will be accompanying my Team to Ottawa, 2020, playing my position, Third (3rd) and to, hopefully, bring the GOLD back to the West and, once again, the “TEAM CANADA” status. My sights are “GoLDeN” for the 2019/2020 Kelowna Curling Club Season. Call me @ (250) 575-5578 to be your Third (3rd); I would “LoVe” to hear from you!!
Posted: September 2019

Kierra Douglas

Phone: 250-212-4763
Leagues: Sunday Doubles
Description: Hey. My name is Kierra and I am 29. Born and raised Okanagan Girl. Been Curling for the last 4 years and have curled 6 years total. Looking for someone to participate in the Sunday Mixed Doubles League with. Very interested to try this different style of game. I want to curl as much as I can this season. I enjoy playing a fun, competitive game and learning as much as I can about the sport I love.
Posted: September 2019

Colin Sikora

Phone: (780) 297-4911
Leagues: Mixed or men’s leagues......
Description: Consider myself a good to average curler.....I can play Anywhere from Skip to 2nd. Great on the broom, can read ice pretty good. New to area, looking to spare for a couple of teams. Can only play Part Time due to job. I can play mostly full time for Sept to Oct though.....
Posted: September 2019

Stephane Magne

Phone: 2364574895
Leagues: Any evening or weekend novice league.
Description: Hi, I just moved back to Canada and have been looking to get into curling. Read: zero curling experience but highly motivated to learn and avoid shame. I’m competitive but happy to play in a fun league to learn the game better.
Posted: September 2019


Phone: 604-897-9942
Leagues: Tuesday Ladies or Wednesday Novice or Friday Fun League
Description: Hello Curlers!! I just moved to Kelowna in October and have been looking for ways to get out and meet new people especially at this time of year. I have never curled before but I am a fast learning and excited to try something new. Plus can you really say you're Canadian if you have never curled before?!? I am also very competitive but looking for a fun team to join. My partner, Devin, who also has never curled before, may be able to join depending on the day. Who wants to take me under their wing? Thanks! Look forward to meeting you! :)
Posted: January 2019

Brandan Sedmak

Phone: 250-448-9208
Leagues: Any Men’s league
Description: I am 19 years old and have curled the last two years with Inter City Jr. Curling. As well as the Boys High School Curling Team. I'm looking for a men’s league team to further my curling opportunities. I would like the position of lead, or second. I'm good with either one. I get along well with others, and eager to learn as much as I can.
Posted: September 2019

Adam & Carley Turpin

Phone: 7804510419
Leagues: Novice/Fun
Description: Husband/wife, mid/late 30's, moved from Edmonton to Kelowna in summer 2018. We are active, hike, bike, ski/snowboard and spent many years on a softball league/team in Edmonton. We've found it tough to connect with a ball team here so are expanding to other team sports and have heard great things about curling. Newbie curlers, we're watching for the next clinic to learn the ropes and are keen to, once we've learned basics, play alongside players that are looking for fun play with great sportsmanship. Casual, fun, tournament, occasional or novice league play would all work for us. If you're ok with providing a bit of mentoring, we'll be quick studies! Thanks in advance for considering us!
Posted: September 2019


Phone: 778-215-0254
Leagues: Novice, mostly
Description: Hello, I've been for almost 2 years now mostly in lead position. Looking to join any teams that need an extra player or need someone to sub for them. My availability is pretty open for the evenings and weekends at this point. I'm hoping to make one or two of the clinics this year to get some more pointers for my game. I'm in my late 30's and a professional by day. Just looking to get out, meet some people and have a good time. Look forward to hearing from you!
Posted: September 2019

Jim and Vicky

Phone: 250.488.1891
Leagues: Friday Fun League
Description: We wish to join another couple for the Friday night fun mixed league. One of us is experienced and can skip the team, the other is a beginner. We are in good physical shape and looking for some fun!
Posted: June 2019

Gregory Corbin

Phone: 778-877-9582
Leagues: Any
Description: Hello! I just moved to the area. I have a strong calling for curling. I only curled when i was quite young and do not have much experience. I am however enthusiastic, dedicated, and a lot of fun! I will come with a good attitude and a will to learn if anyone has an extra spot to take me in. Thanks!
Posted: March 2019

Breane kirsch

Phone: 5875328043
Leagues: Novice leagues.
Description: I am brand new to curling,I’ve only ever played a few times in my life. 27 year old female, play hockey in the winter & would love to learn a new sport especially curling. I am dedicated, competitive, but yes know how to have a good laugh. Looking forward to getting out on the ice.
Posted: May 2019

Patrick Wilson

Phone: 250-215-7951
Leagues: Thursday Evening Open league or Superleague
Description: Hi my name is Patrick Wilson. I am looking to find a suitable Thursday night open league or Super league if a team is looking to fill a specific need or a new team developing. I have been curling for 5 years now and primarily playing Friday night fun league and sparing when I was able to on other nights of the week due to work. I am fairly competitive as a player and come from a curling family, so my drive and knowledge to play at a higher level is there. I would like the opportunity to play with a team that wants to play competitively and challenges me to play at a high level, possibly bonspiels and likes using stop watch, zones and likes to use different weights that fit the strategy and shots. I am open to any and all positions including Skip, but I see myself most suitable for 2nd or 3rd and work hard on sweeping as well.
Posted: March 2019

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