League Payment Information

The GST and Affiliation Dues are mandatory when paying for registration. We try to offer a variety of payment methods for the convenience of our members. You can register in person, by fax and include your credit card information on the fax, or online.

Registration will not be taken over the phone. We accept E-transfer ([email protected]), cheque, Visa, Master Card, Debit and cash.

Team Policies The club must receive FOUR FULLY paid dues per team at time of registration. While our "spare" rules indicated that there may be situations when a team does not have four fully paid players, this condition must be considered a TEMPORARY SITUATION ONLY! As in years past, the SKIP shall be held responsible for ensuring that there are four FULLY paid players on their team throughout the curling season and may be held accountable for any portion NOT PAID. If you need assistance with completing your team, please contact the office. A replacement member must be found in accordance with the TEAM POLICY and compensation to the player unable to continue is the responsibility of the team members.

Refund Policies Daytime Leagues: Medical refunds only. No re-funds after December 31.

Evening Leagues: No refunds after registration.