Mission Statement

We provide affordable, enjoyable, and social curling programs and community events for people of all ages and abilities in the Central Okanagan.

Vision Statement

By growing our membership, building active and diverse community partnerships, and providing the best possible curling program and social experience for all, our future is bright.

Core Values

The Kelowna Curling Club is committed to the following core values:


·       We will work cooperatively, openly and honestly with other curling clubs, curling associations and members in order to develop the sport of curling.

·       We will only host functions that will enhance the Club’s good reputation and well-being.

·       We will strive at all times to demonstrate the highest ethical manner in our business activities.

·       We will represent our club at all levels (local, provincial, and national) with pride, professionalism, and sportsmanship.


·       We encourage sportsmanship.

·       We encourage volunteerism.

·       We encourage positive social interaction in all aspects of the usage of our facility.

·       We encourage enjoyment and fun!


·       We believe that everyone in the Central Okanagan should have a chance to try curling.

·       We encourage and offer membership to all


·       We will maximize the utility of the facility to generate revenue, while ensuring that we do not compromise our members, or the game of curling.