Join the Okanagan’s only LGBTQ+ Curling League!

Sunday Pride Fun League: plays Sunday afternoons at 3:00pm and is open to curlers of all gender identities, orientations and allies with a focus on a fun, non-competitive play. Curlers register individually, are placed on teams based on experience level and the teams are shuffled every 3 games to provide an opportunity to play with other members. Games are 6 ends and teams are permitted to rotate players and positions between ends, including bringing in new players. The leagues play a 10 week fall and a 10-week winter session that need to be registered & paid for separately. Pride league curlers are not members and do not have voting or practice privileges.



Join the Okanagan’s only LGBTQ+ Curling League!

Whether you’re new to curling or an experienced player, find community while having fun at the OPCL’s Sunday Fun League - open to curlers of all gender identities, orientations and allies.

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OPCL Members-Only Area (Team Roster & OPCL Spare List)

Season Overview - Winter Session
3pm games on Sunday afternoons from (Fall Session) October 21 to December, 2023.  Winter Sessions January 14 to March 24, 2024

League Details
- Open-style teams of 4 players without gender restrictions
- $151 Individual registration (+ club & CurlBC dues). Teams will be assembled based on experience and players shuffled around every 3 games
- 6-end games which last approximately 90 minutes; socializing in the lounge after games with the opposing team encouraged
- Name tags with preferred pronouns will be supplied free for curlers new to the league

- Free learn-to-curl session on January 8th at 2pm prior to the first game

New Curler Info
- Free learn to curl session prior to the first game on January 8th and 15th at 2pm required for brand-new curlers. Registering for a novice clinic as well is highly recommended for newer curlers
- The expectation is to come to every game and if unable to make a game, to notify your team captain and arrange for a spare to play in your absence if possible
- Curlers require curling shoes and brooms to curl, both of which are available to rent for $2.50 each per game ($5 for both) at the club
- Loose or stretchy clothing that does not shed is recommended and layer your clothing as sweeping does make you warm.  Jeans are not recommended but Lululemons are.
- More info on rules of play and curling etiquette here


Length of play:
- All games are 6 ends
- Teams will be alerted (via automated buzzer) when ****** minutes of play remain. At this cue, teams finish playing their current end and may complete one additional end.
- Out of courtesy to the other team, teams should be on the ice ready to start their game on time. If a game starts ten or more minutes late, the non-offending team receives one point for the first end, the game begins in the second end, and the non-offending team has the hammer.

- Spares must be members of the Kelowna Curling Club.
- In the spirit of fair play, please use spares that are appropriate to your team and group’s skill level.

Season play:
- The league is structured by assigning individual players to teams of 4 with a team captain. Team members will be reshuffled every 3 games to provide an opportunity to play with other members.
- The teams will play three rounds of three games (9 games total), with an additional fun game on the last day of each session.
- Games must be played on the posted draw date and time.  Games are not allowed to be played at another date (i.e. no “make up games”).
- If you are unable to field a team of at least three players (two of whom must be registered team members) for your scheduled game, you are expected to contact the opposing team to notify them.
- Player substitutions may be made during the game, but only between ends. If a substitution is made a player may move into any position and the team may rotate positions.
- Changing the player positions is permitted after the completion of each end.

For questions, please contact the Kelowna curling club at [email protected] or 250 762-3112.

Disclaimer: Please note that at this time the Kelowna Curling Club only offers gendered washrooms and change rooms. Curlers will be fully supported by staff to use the facilities that align with their gender identity.

Thank you to our generous sponsors of the Okanagan Pride Curling League!